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Max Velocity Trucking LLC

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Max Velocity Trucking LLC is a family-owned Trucking Company based in Atlanta GA which specializing in the delivery of food grade and non-food grade liquids, dry bulk agricultural goods, and compressed natural gas throughout the United States. At Max Velocity Trucking LLC, we offer a wide range of trucking services and can arrange for nearly any type of shipment and same day trucking services. We use only the best drivers and offer company truck driver jobs for CDL (Commercial Driver's License) truckers.

With Max Velocity Trucking LLC, you will get the support of professionals who understand the kinds of services and support that trucking owner-operators will need. Call us today to find out more about the Commercial Driver's License truck driving jobs and the services we offer.

Are you looking for Trucking Services to Cater for your Shipping & Logistics Needs?

Max Velocity Trucking LLC is the solution. We can work with a variety of companies that are in need of expert shipping and logistics services. We can arrange and deliver goods that best suit your needs. With many experienced drivers, we can even arrange same day service as needed. Our commitment to using the best truck drivers and the best equipment for your needs is our priority.

Benefits for Customers

We Have a Dedicated Team to provide top-notch Services. GPS tracking: we keep track of your goods with our sophisticated online system reports & visibility: Every consignment is monitored by our team and we make it our top priority to you up to date. Customized support: Our team of professionals manages your goods from collection to delivery. Transit Schedule: we offer short term solutions to allow you to meet your delivery schedule. Cost Efficient: we offer our customer’s most cost-efficient trucking solution. Satisfied Shipping Cost: we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive price

Why Choose Max Velocity Trucking LLC?

Max Velocity Trucking LLC is a modern trucking company in Atlanta GA, which offers excellent service and keeps costs at a minimum by delivering goods “on time, every time”. Here at Max Velocity Trucking LLC, we offer specialized services with dedicated heavy truck suited to every task. Fast delivery: we are committed to providing smart and effective trucking Solutions for your business with timed deliveries that offer complete flexibility. Safety & Compliance: Our trucks are regularly serviced and we ensure that they are safe and available at all times.

24/7 Customer Support: We are committed to providing 24/7 customer support for effective trucking solutions.

Contact us today, let’s take care of your needs.

Hours of Operation

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